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A review from American String Teacher:

The following is from a review of the Cello Handbook by the Music Teachers' Association of California:

"The book is comprehensive and covers everything from instrument and equipment to theory, pitch and fingering. There is a useful Index. The book is attractively packaged in a binder format with a sturdy cover."

The following is from a review of the Cello Handbook in
Strings Magazine Feb/Mar 2001

The following is from a review of the Cello Handbook in the International Cello Society Newsletter, Tutti Celli:

"This book is an excellent resource for pre-college students and adult amateurs, and is more like an encyclopedia of cello and music fundamentals. It offers information of all sorts, ranging from the rudiments of music notation, pitch theory, basic cello technique, music theory, and musical structures."

The following are comments received from those who have read the Cello Handbook. In the interest of privacy, the names have been omitted.

"...wonderful Handbook...amazed at how complete it is...haven't found a word about cello playing that is not covered...."

"good tool, covers wide range of topics...wonderful addition to any cello teacher's library...."

"...the book is wonderful in its completeness...I carry it with me to my lessons and to symphony rehearsals...everything I need to know in one place...."

"...a lot of useful information and advice ... good reference for any amateur and aspiring musician...."

"...wonderful Cello Handbook ... such a wealth of foundation material in such a user-friendly format -- it's a marvel...."

"...just in thumbing through it the first time I found the answer to a question I've always had about metronomes...."

"...I'm enjoying the Cello Book...."

"...I found the book very informative, combining effectively both elementary and quite sophisticated theory...."

"...the book lived up to what I hoped for -- very well done ... material on Baroque styles especially good...."

"...quickly scanned it and read a few sections, particularly the rhythm section...overall I was impressed... I think it will be very useful...."

"...I read the whole book...the organization of it is very good ... enjoyed reading it...."

"...look forward to using your book ... there is nothing else like it..."

"...wow! ...the book is packed full of useful information and I really like the layout, too."

"...interesting...good specific technical points useful to have all in one place..."

"... thank you so much for the book…very impressed by
its detail…it's wonderful…it will be a well thumbed book I can assure you…"

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